Bomber Barn an explosive, local multiplayer arena game featuring cuddly animals bombing each other across a broad range of unique battlefields. Each animal has its own special abilities and limitations, allowing for a variety of tactics and play styles. Catering to both casual and competitive crowds, Bomber Barn adds a modern twist to an old classic. Victory will require not only fast reflexes, but also deliberate movement and impeccable timing.


Idea / Origins

In January 2018, we realized there was no official Bomberman game for the PC that came out in the past few years. The most recent version was Atomic Bomberman from over 20 years ago. And so began our work. But making a simple clone wasn't enough: we had to add our own spin on it!

Playtesting / Iteration

June marked our public release of an early playtesting prototype to collect feedback. After some fine-tuning and adding a layer of polish, we brought Bomber Barn to the real world at Gameacon Atlantic City in October, where the game proved to be fun for the whole family! Soon after, we exhibited at Playcrafting NYC's Halloween Expo, and once more at Gameacon NYC in November.

Early Access Release

Bomber Barn was released on Steam (Early Access) on January 30, 2019. With valuable community feedback in tow, we continued to add content, enhance the visuals, and refine game mechanics. Later in the year, we held local tournaments at Samsung 537 and Wonderville NYC, drawing veterans and newcomers alike.

Full PC Release

After one year, Bomber Barn emerged from Early Access and was officially released to Steam on January 31, 2020.


  • 4 playable characters, with unique passive and active abilities
  • 3 classic types of power-ups to give you a leg up
  • 8 distinct maps, carefully designed for tense battles
  • 8 mix-ins you can combine to spice up the rules
  • Local multiplayer (1-4 players, including bots) with full controller support


Trailer (PC) YouTube


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