Bomber Barn Alpha Release: Bomb Your Pals!

Bomber Barn Alpha Build Gameplay Screenshot - Cat vs Donkey on Elbows Map

We’re pleased to announce that the first downloadable early alpha build for Bomber Barn is now available! Check it out now for PC or Mac (local multiplayer only via gamepad/controller).

Before you dive right in, let’s take a look at the four characters, including none other than the mysterious Dojo Donkey, who was hiding in the foreground of that snapshot from our last post.

Bomber Barn Characters

Chuckin’ Chicken

Passive Ability: You can drop a “cooked” bomb at any time by holding down the button before releasing. Catch your opponents off guard, and make sure to get out of the way quickly!

Active Ability: The name says it all. Throw up to three bombs ahead of you, as long as nothing’s blocking the way. This gives you a lot more reach and firepower.

Quick Cat

Passive Ability: Right off the bat, you run a lot faster than everyone else. However, your overall maximum speed (e.g. from items you pick up) reaches its limit quite quickly.

Active Ability: For a few seconds, you’ll sprint even faster to run circles around your opponents. But during this time, you can only drop one bomb, so aim carefully.

Dojo Donkey

Passive Ability: Don’t like where a bomb is? Give it a good kick, ideally right into the path of your opponent.

Active Ability: If one kick wasn’t enough, now you can pull off a spin kick that knocks away all bombs in your immediate vicinity.

Timid Turtle

Passive Ability: You start off slower than everyone else, but you also are immune to your own bombs’ flames.

Active Ability: Can’t handle the heat? Withdraw into your shell for a few seconds to momentarily escape any danger coming your way. Just be careful of what’s waiting for you once you come out…

Which Bomber Barn animal will you choose?

With a variety of nuanced play styles, hopefully you’ll settle into your “main” and tell us about your favorite tactics. During development, Terry already stumbled upon a devious technique using Timid Turtle. We’re excited to see all this unfold!

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