Bomber Barn at Gameacon NYC 2018: A Real Blast!

Photo of podcasters enjoying Bomber Barn at Gameacon NYC 2018

After weathering some unexpected snowfall earlier in the week,  we were really proud to bring Bomber Barn to Gameacon NYC 2018 this last Saturday. Since it was held on the top floor of the Resorts World Casino in our hometown of Queens, Larry and I felt right at home. It was basically right in our backyard!

Despite the short drive, we arrived with frosty fingers: the morning was freezing cold. We warmed right up though when we got inside the venue and shook hands with Ben Fox, the wonderful organizer of the event. It was great to see him here after first meeting him in Atlantic City. We went past a Fortnite tournament and set up. This being our third ‘con’—we felt like grizzled veterans when we were up and running in less than 15 minutes.

Even after the amazing reception Bomber Barn got at Gameacon Atlantic City, and the confidence we got at this year’s Playcrafting Halloween Expo, Gameacon NYC was quite an experience for us. As always, we got really warm and fuzzy when we saw children playing with their parents. It’s a really special privilege to be able to get them together to have fun and laugh!

Photo of Chinese family playing Bomber Barn at Gameacon NYC 2018

Photo of two children playing Bomber Barn at Gameacon NYC 2018

Things turned out even better when we met Alex and Matthew. These two awesome charismatic fellas are the hosts of the 2nd Rounds podcast.

Photo of podcasters Alex and Matthew from 2nd Rounds playing Bomber Barn at Gameacon NYC 2018
Hosts Alex and Matthew having a blast playing Bomber Barn

Hailing from Brooklyn, it was great to hang out out with some native New Yorkers, especially when they’re as fun to be around as they are. And guess what? They invited us to join them for an interview! Go check out the live stream interview that we did with them on the 2nd Rounds Facebook page!

What’s Next for Bomber Barn?

We still have big plans for Bomber Barn! We’re looking to release it for Mac and PC on Steam this holiday season. And of course, a holiday release needs holiday flourishes! Stay tuned for what we’ve got in store this winter! Sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of this page or follow us on Twitter and Facebook!

P.S. Many thanks to all the folks who played Bomber Barn (you know who you are!). Keep all that feedback pouring in, you’re helping us turn this into an awesome game!

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