Boo! Bomber Barn at Halloween Playcrafting NYC

It was a dark and stormy night…

Bomber Barn at Playcrafting Halloween 2018Well, it was just a rainy day, actually. But we had another spectacular event this weekend!  Following our great success at Gameacon Atlantic City, we brought Bomber Barn to the Halloween Playcrafting Expo in our home town of New York City.

The Playcrafting event was held at the Microsoft office in Manhattan. Even though the skies were gray and drizzly, quite a big crowd showed up! There were great costumes, an endless supply of Domino’s pizza, and oodles of candy. Larry and I were so happy to be able to make Bomber Barn a part of peoples’ Halloween weekend.

Bomber Barn at Playcrafting Halloween 2018

What’s amazing is that everyone is finding Bomber Barn absolutely entertaining! Just like we saw in Gameacon, Bomber Barn is fun to all kinds of people—you can have fun whether you’re playing with your kid, your siblings, your boyfriend or girlfriend, or even people you’ve never met before! Honestly, it’s really rewarding to see complete strangers laugh with each other when Quick Cat falls into Chuckin’ Chicken’s trap, or when Dojo Donkey sends Timid Turtle skyrocketing into the air by kicking a well-timed bomb.

Anyway, we want to thank everyone who played Bomber Barn at Playcrafting. And thanks to everyone who gave feedback too. We have big plans for the game and are looking forward to making the game more fun for everyone.

Soon we’re going to be working towards a Steam release, tweaking the characters, and creating more super-fun content like brand new maps! Stay tuned for more updates!

P.S. We updated the build on our website. Grab your free copy of Bomber Barn before it goes on Early Access!

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