Gearing up for the Bomber Barn alpha

After about six months, we’ve built out enough Bomber Barn for a private alpha build that we can use to gather feedback! Feedback is crucial to making this game super fun.

Here’s what you can expect when you start the game and set up your first match:

  • Choose how many rounds you have to win before being declared the victor
  • Choose the how long each round lasts
  • Decide which of the three classic items (Speed, Fire, and Bomb) you want in play
  • Choose from four adorable characters, each with unique abilities
  • Vote on one of the four available maps
  • Be the last animal standing!

The remaining tasks are almost all related to UI polish. From there, we’ll set up a web page where you can sign up for the download.

In the next post, we’ll be sharing some more details on the characters and maps. Who is that mysterious fourth bomber?

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