Howdy, pardner! Welcome to Bomber Barn. You and your friends choose cute characters that each have unique abilities, and everyone drops deadly bombs. The last animal standing wins. Blast your friends before they blast you!

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Everyone who’s played the game loved it and had a real blast!

A photo of fans of Bomber Barn having a fun time at Gameacon Atlantic City 2018
Fans of Bomber Barn have a fun time at Gameacon Atlantic City 2018

Join in on the fun! There’s a lot more in store, so stay tuned to our Twitter and blog!


  • Addicting fast-paced arcade gameplay with surprising complexity
  • 4 playable characters, with unique passive and active abilities
  • 3 classic types of power-ups to give you a leg up
  • 8 distinct maps, carefully designed for tense battles
  • 8 mix-ins you can combine to spice up the rules
  • Local multiplayer (1-4 players, including bots) with full controller support

Road Map

Our vision is to build a versatile local multiplayer experience that ties in both endless battling as well as an engaging story mode. Bomber Barn is coming first to Steam. And to spread the fun to everyone we can, we’re looking into putting this up on Xbox Live, and maybe even Nintendo Switch!

Here’s what we’re planning to make Bomber Barn even more fun than it already is:

  • Add more Battle mode content. More game types, characters, mix-ins, maps, and (of course) cosmetics.
  • Add an awesome Story mode. Stay tuned for epic boss fights, fascinating puzzles, and more!

We love our fans and the feedback they give us, so do share your thoughts with us on the Steam forumsTwitter or email. What you say is really important to us!