A quick video recap of Trick or Play 2017

Terry and I went to Playcrafting’s Halloween event this year, just a few months after PlayNYC. It was interesting seeing some familiar names like Looking Glass and Simple Machine, as well as meeting a bunch of new folks showcasing their games in the huge demo room. As usual, I really liked the energy throughout the whole event!

Here’s about a minute of video showing some of it in case you missed it. Still wondering if the little girl pointing at my shirt (about 0:24 in) recognized Cuphead, or if she just thought it looked cool/scary!

In other news, I’m actively working on integrating controls from, well, the Fidgetly CTRL, after receiving some valuable direction (sorry, that’s the last one) on how the SDK works. It’s much, much tougher to wrangle the sensor data than to simply use an on-screen joystick, but I think it’ll be worth it in the end!


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