Chapter 1: First Chapter

Hello world!

This marks the first post in the Late Leaf Games blog. My name is Larry, and I’ll be writing most (if not all) the posts here.

As a brief history, my brother Terry and I started making small browser games in 2013 under the name Tuttle Games. The failures, successes, and everything in between made for very valuable learning lessons on almost all fronts. We’ve grown a tremendous amount in our understanding of…

  • Project management
  • Game design
  • Programming patterns

But this was all a weekend hobby. I’d tinker with a game engine called ImpactJS after work, drawing pixel art here and there. Now, it’s time to make it official. We’re a real company on paper.

We have two projects cooking up right now. The first is a live-action adventure (“escape room”) with a strong emphasis on tightly integrating the puzzles and story. The other is a silly, casual arcade game targeting the iPhone, featuring a stop-motion voxel aesthetic.

We’ll likely be keeping the escape room progress hush-hush here, primarily because there isn’t really anything notable to blog about until it really starts coming to life (getting feedback on the game during the testing phase, scouting out physical locations for it, etc.). However, I have a lot to say about the first week of developing this mobile game, so stay tuned!

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