Hot Day coming to the App Store any minute now…

I must say, the App Store developer account approval process is surprisingly opaque and marred with delays. While I accept full responsibility for the initial mistake (during development, I was under the impression that I would just publish Hot Day under my personal iCloud account, not under a separate Late Leaf Games account), about a month of wasted time stemmed from Apple just sitting on their hands.

The timeline goes like this:

  • July 2 – I sign up for a new developer account for Late Leaf Games.
  • July 4 – Apple says that I have an “invalid name” (huh?).
  • July 5 – I submit proof of identity. Yes, that is my last name, like Ip Man.
  • July 23 – After weeks of waiting, I email Apple for an update on the situation.
  • July 24 – They basically say oh, yes, uh, we have not forgotten about you, lemme call you.
  • July 24 – They call me and ask me to confirm some stuff and I get an email immediately allowing me to pay the $99 annual fee and access iTunes Connect.

What if I had never emailed them for an update? God knows how long I’d be stuck in limbo.

App Store approval incoming

All complaining aside, I’m glad to announce that Hot Day is currently awaiting approval. A few days ago, as I was preparing some screenshots for the App store, I noticed a few super small bugs.

So I spent yesterday making some easy fixes, like the second stage never fading from black (!) and shortening the sound that plays at the start of every day. Oh, and I ended up adding music after all.

Next up: Back to Parking?

This will likely be in another post coming soon, but I have a strong attraction to fleshing out Urban Parking Simulator into a fully fledged game. The more I think about it, the more I see its potential. More on this later…

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