Summer is coming…

Today, I’m unveiling the title of our upcoming iOS game: Hot Day.

My records indicate that we started the prototype about three weeks ago, on April 26. That night, it looked like this:

The core game mechanic revolves around dropping water balloons on innocent bystanders. In some ways, it’s pretty much upside-down Space Invaders, except the enemies never approach you, and there’s a time limit.

And four nights later, after Terry whipped up some models in MagicaVoxel, it looked like this:

The touch controls are separated by the green line in the middle. On the left side, you move your thumb left or right to move, and on the right side, you tap anywhere to drop a balloon.

The red bar at the top represented the “ammo count” but we ultimately decided to scrap the idea. Instead, each hot day ends once, well, the day is over, and spamming balloons is instead prevented by a cooldown/reload time.

We’re aiming for a late June release date, so keeping scope narrow is key. Look out for more details very soon!

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