Demo & Play at Samsung 837

Live demo presentation of Bomber Barn

Those of you familiar with the NYC game dev scene are probably already familiar with Playcrafting’s Demo & Play events. They usually take place at the Microsoft building in Times Square, with dozens of developers setting up shop at various rooms and tables to showcase their latest project. We’ve actually exhibited Bomber Barn twice before, but you know: third time’s the charm.

Two weeks ago, we were one of four games on display at a different venue: Samsung 837. This space is a digital playground in the Meatpacking District, always busy with various community events and tech demos. Specifically, that night was a Galaxy Gaming Session, bringing local developers into the spotlight. We were honored to be invited!

While Terry wasn’t able to make it that evening, Heidi and I trekked over via subway and were immediately blown away by the venue. We weren’t expecting the sky-high production values and such an amazing crowd, not to mention the wonderful opportunity to chat with the other developers who were presenting.

I loved the format of the event: our talks were really brief, meaning more time for the audience to come check out our games hands-on. The folks at Samsung did a phenomenal job on the hardware side, making sure everything ran silky smooth (they even brought out gamepads for us!).

Live demo presentation of Bomber Barn
On-stage demo of Bomber Barn

The highlight of the night for me was the impromptu Bomber Barn tournament, hosted and casted by Playcrafting’s own Dan Butchko and Samsung 837 shoutcaster Ronnie. It was honestly surreal hearing their commentating and seeing folks from the crowd come up to enter the competition.

Crowd of people at Demo & Play
Dan and Ronnie casting the Bomber Barn tournament

By the way, special shout out and congratulations to Jessica from The Geeky Yokai for taking first place! Hopefully they put up a bigger fight than the in-game bots 😉

Overall I had a super good time, and the overwhelmingly positive feedback helps us understand what we did right with Bomber Barn, as well as possible avenues to expand upon in future updates. Whether it’s more single-player/PvE content, a mobile version, or harder bots, these ideas are most valuable because they come directly from the only source that matters: the players.

With Bomber Barn approaching 9 months under Early Access, it’s times like these that make all the hard work worth it. Looking forward to more events coming up this fall!

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