Ninja Stars CTRL ready for App Store debut

Ninja Stars v1.1 iOS Title Screen

Our collaboration with Fidgetly has reached a major milestone! Ninja Stars CTRL: Iga Disciple is wrapped up for an initial release. Our original target was for Christmas Eve 2017, but there were some hiccups along the way regarding the marketing graphics (e.g. app icon/logo, screenshots, etc.) and the App Store’s holiday break.

In any case, the week after New Year’s Day 2018, we decided to grind out a few final tasks and add a touch of polish, and right now a build is ready for App Store review. This build might’ve been available as a demo at CES this week in Las Vegas, but unfortunately I wasn’t there myself to show it off.

Over the winter break, we’ve been discussing a new project, which is essentially our take on the multiplayer classic Bomberman. In the next post, I’ll outline the philosophy guiding it, how the idea even came into our heads (and squeezed itself ahead of Urban Parking Simulator in our priority list), and the overall vision for the game.

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