Bomber Barn

Howdy, pardner! Welcome to Bomber Barn. You and your friends choose cute characters that each have unique abilities — but everyone gets to drop deadly bombs. The last animal standing wins.┬áBlast your friends before they blast you!

We’re in the Preview phase of the game and have lots more fun in store, so stay tuned to our Twitter! Keep reading to learn more.


  • Cute animals with unique abilities that support distinct play styles
  • A variety of strategically designed maps
  • Addicting fast-paced arcade gameplay with surprising complexity
  • Up to 4 players (local multiplayer with full controller support)

Road Map

Our vision is to build a versatile local multiplayer experience that ties in both endless battling as well as an engaging story mode. Here’s what we’re planning to do.

  • Add more Battle mode content. Expand the number of game types, win conditions, and maps.
  • Enrich the game mechanics. We’ll diversify the elements unique to each map, such as special floor tiles.
  • Add an awesome story mode. Boss fights, puzzles, and more!