Ninja Stars CTRL

You are a student in the ways of the ninja. Your teacher is a mysterious ninja known only as Legend. He became a legend for his ability to wield a distinctive four-bladed throwing star with curved blades. He would be able to throw these with such precision that he could nick a man’s ear with it.

Your goal is to demonstrate your mastery of the throwing star.

  • Utilize the Fidgetly CTRL motion controller to aim and guide your throwing star to its target!
  • Train each day by attempting to strike the wooden dummy in 4 key body parts
  • Demonstrate that you can hit the head, the back, the back of the knee, as well as the neck

Legend only awards you a limited number of stars each morning: how many days will you take to complete your training?

Download forĀ free on the App Store now! Available on your iPhone or iPad. Fidgetly CTRL device required.

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