Ninja Stars CTRL

Ninja Stars CTRL

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No longer available (iOS)




Using the Fidgetly CTRL device, throw and guide your shuriken through a thick forest before striking the training dummy. Nimbly landing on the wooden figure’s neck will demonstrate your mastery.

Our Vision

The Fidgetly CTRL was a Bluetooth-enabled fidget spinner under development in late 2017. We worked with an early developer kit to produce a simple game that involved a few simple gestures:

  • tilt up/down to set height (of your shuriken throw)
  • flick the spinner to throw (higher RPM = faster launch speed)
  • tilt left/right to navigate (dodge trees and home in on your target)

This was our first foray into specialized hardware, especially one that paired with a mobile device.

Stretch goals included a story mode, where you strategically targeted paper lanterns around a castle in order to assassinate a target.

We learned a tremendous amount in a short period of time, and are grateful to have had the opportunity to utilize an innovative controller device.