Bomber Barn is Bomberman but better! In Bomber Barn, cuddly farm animals bomb each other and try to get an edge using special abilities. Our vision is to build a versatile local multiplayer experience that ties in both endless battling as well as an engaging story mode. The battle mode will come in several game modes (floor coloring/territory, knockout, timed survival, etc.) across multiple levels, carefully designed around the various characters' play styles. In turn, the story mode will consist of challenging boss fights, creative puzzles, and strategic gameplay.


In January 2018, we realized there was no official Bomberman game for the PC that came out in the past few years. The most recent version was Atomic Bomberman from over 20 years ago. And so began our work. But making a simple clone wasn't enough: we had to add our own spin on it!


  • 4 playable characters, with unique passive and active abilities
  • 4 distinct maps, carefully designed for tense battles
  • Local multiplayer (2-4 players) with full controller support


There are currently no trailers available for Bomber Barn. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!


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Bomber Barn Credits

Larry Ip
Designer, Developer
Terry Ip
Project Manager, Writer, 3D Environment Artist
3D Artist (Freelancer)