Subdividing city blocks

We’re still on the city map level of things right now, as we don’t want to rush prematurely into the systems that govern building selection/generation. After working out a few snags in the map generator, we now have a rudimentary way to mix things up.

As you may have noticed in the sample map generated in the last post, all of the city blocks have the same dimensions. But in real life (specifically, in various neighborhoods in Queens), oftentimes blocks are split into thirds. So you might have a column of a few long blocks, and then directly south of it are three smaller blocks. We can now emulate this as such:

I say “rudimentary” because it’s just going through each city block one by one and rolling the dice to see whether it should be subdivided into thirds. There should probably be more rhyme or reason to it.

Anyway, small other quirks in what I’ll call version 1.1:

  • I had to adjust the textarea’s line-height to 1ch, so the map would actually appear visually to scale
  • Whether a subdividing street will run north or south will always be alternating (i.e. the two inner streets cannot both run the same direction)
  • A block touching the boulevard (“…BBBB…”) must not be subdivided


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